Please go to the LINKS section on the right and click on “Videos of our ministry in the Philippines” to view videos specifically about our ministry.

Click on the link below to view a video of one to whom we minister. She has such a heart warming smile. Don’t worry, I added an English translation as text.

The smile of Grace

Translation of video

Also click the link below. 

Street Children in Manila. 

This video will help you understand the situation we rescue kids from  when they come to the House of Love and Compassion.

Mangyan reading  

This video is a Powerpoint presentation. It may not play if you have an older version of Powerpoint. At the beginning of our outreach to this tribe we set a goal of teaching them to read so they could read the Bible. This is the result of that endeavor. This young lady is the chiefs daughter reading a Bible. We provided several Bibles to the tribe.


  1. Hi Dick,

    Finally got to the video. Had no trouble getting them and enjoyed them. I can see where this kind of camp would help Maria. Looking forward to some of your videos. Love this technology?

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