Blind children in Manila at Resources for the blind. We partner with them. They helped us with our daughter Maria. Pray for the thousands of other blind children in the Philippines who do not have access to help.

One of the congregations we serve.

If you call about a phone problem in Manila it might take a little while to find the problem.

Disabled child due to birth defects. This is typical in the Philippines because of poor prenatal care.

Girl born with only one leg which is deformed. Our ministry is working to help such children and their families.

Mangyan woman returning from the jungle after gathering food.

The local meat market.

Baptism in the Gulf of Leyte

Huts of the Mangyan tribe.

Huts of the Mangyan tribe.

Building a Mangyan home.


Several Mangyan homes under construction.


First church service in the new village.


Mangyan children attending first Sunday School class in their new village.

This page is under construction. Check back to see photos that will be added from time to time.

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